Posted by : Rani Baru Wiranata Feb 26, 2013

Many people who do not know, if the printer output is not necessarily striped damaged cartridge. has repeatedly replace the cartridge, has repeatedly cleaning and deep cleaning, still result stripes.

Do not be afraid, most likely the result underlined that still is too much filling ink. This is common in all types of printer that uses ink (not powder). well that's what the syringe with tubing that has a size.

do not be afraid of running out of ink while nge-print, so should always be monitored and do not print as well as many yes, 5-10 pieces used to be pretty anyway.

when seen prints start to fade, the ink runs out and recharge instantly size 5cc repeated enough, so that the print is not bergatis, okay that she How to Fix The Printer Canon and Epson Print Striped rarely known.

oh yeah, if you've already filled in until the cartridge is full, suck it wrote again using injections, no anything, would not destroy if careful, and do not repeat the same mistakes, yes, so durable cartridge tuh her ​​:)

I hope these tips useful :)

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