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Location: Ngebel lake, Ponorogo, East Java, Indonesia

Ngebel lake

Ngebel lake is a natural lake located in District Ngebel, Ponorogo. Sub Ngebel itself is located at the foot of Mount Wilis. Ngebel lake located about 30 KM from the city center Ponorogo or popularly known as Reog City. The circumference of the lake Ngebel about 5 KM. With temperatures between 20-26 degrees Celsius, the temperature is cool, distant cool to make visitors more comfortable visiting the lake Ngebel. Besides Reog, Telaga Ngebel is one of the main tourist held Ponorogo. Suppliers of water for the lake Ngebel consists of a variety of sources. Sources of water rushing from Santen Channel. In addition, there is also a flowing river, where the river upstream terdapa waterfall named Waterfall Toyomarto.

Ngebel lakes connected with the story of a dragon named "Baru Kelinting". The snake is an incarnation of the duke of the Kingdom of banh Wind. At that time the governor was meditating with the form of a snake, and accidentally there is a citizen who brought the snake to the village's transformation.
Arriving in the village, the snake is going to be the incarnation of food because of its large size. Before you cut the snake magically transformed into a little boy, who then went to the community and decided to make a contest.
The boy then stuck a stick in the ground, the other version says that that plug is rice ladle. But nothing worked dislodge it. Boy wonder that is successfully pull it out. Of holes pushed it into a stick or ladle the water that came out later to be a spring that welled up to form a lake. By surrounding villagers, the lake was named lake Ngebel, meaning lake that emit odor.
The legend is said to Telaga Ngebel closely related and have an important role in the history of Ponorogo. It is said that one of the founders of this district Batoro bags. Before performing the symbols of Islam in Ponorogo, Batoro purify themselves first in the spring, which is near Ngebel Lake now known as Kucur Batoro.

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