Posted by : Rani Baru Wiranata Feb 27, 2013

  • Wipeout Pure

  • Very playable in the next version, some gfx broken.
  • Moto GP

  • Mimana - Iyar Chronicles

  • Cladun

  • Lumines

    Works great!
  • Dragon Ball: Evolution

    Playable! Some fonts broken.
  • Ridge Racer 2

    Playable! Graphics issues.
  • Project Diva 2: Extend

    Playable! Some fonts broken.
  • BlazBlue

  • Fate Extra

    Playable, although of course audio problems and no saving, plus some graphics glitches.
  • Fired Up

  • Obscure - The Aftermath

  • Every Extend Extra

  • Knights in the Nightmare

  • Puzzle Quest

    Quite playable, no audio.
  • Puzzle Bobble Deluxe

  • Puyo Puyo Fever


  • Loco Roco

    The Loco Rocos are invisible!
  • Lemmings

    The lemmings themselves are invisible!
  • Angry Birds

    Graphics problems and control problems.
  • Tales of Eternia

  • Very buggy but goes in-game.
  • AI Go

    Can make one move, then it hangs.
  • Star Soldier

    Borderline playable, runs out of memory after a while.
  • Blokus

    You can walk around in the house and talk to people.

Title Screen / Something moves

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